Art, Design & Technology

Art, Design and Technology is taught progressively across the school using the driver theme model.

This has been mapped across a two year cycle to ensure that substantive, disciplinary and procedural knowledge, and technical vocabulary, is taught, revisited and assessed regularly.

In KS2, a weekly skills session, focussed on a specific specialism is delivered to develop knowledge, theory and skill, to enable children to move from ‘Novice’ to ‘Expert’ when engaging with the themed driver.

Our Vision is that the children move from ‘Novice’ to ‘Expert’ by acquiring knowledge and making connections from what they have encountered and what they know. They will focus on specific art and design specialisms, to develop automaticity and proficiency with specific skills using visual stimuli and scaffolds, to build their own schema to enable progression and showcase the magic of Art and Design both in and out of the classroom.