At Holy Rosary CVA, our aim is for the children to engage and develop a love for music through lessons taught and by using and celebrating pupil’s talents. We want to increase pupil confidence, develop their creativity and feel a sense of achievement.

Our aim is for children to leave Holy Rosary with a secure understanding of all aspects of music across the curriculum. This prepares them for their Key Stage 3 journey through music.

Music lessons are delivered each week to all classes by the music lead. The curriculum for music is sequenced, mapping out key knowledge and vocabulary for each year group, which are built upon progressively across the school. To develop pupils Cultural Capital, a wide range of music types and composers are covered to broaden pupils’ horizons.

Music lessons are a mix of theory and practice. They also link wherever appropriate to other subject areas in school, following the driver unit model. There is a sharp focus on developing children’s enjoyment of and love of music.