Our Catholic Vision, Mission and Values

Our vision and values are at the core of everything we do.

They underpin our curriculum, teaching and learning, relationships and provide an environment, which grows empowered and ambitious individuals who are confident, happy and in the best place to thrive.

Our Vision is to:

Build loving hearts and strong minds in union with God and each other.

With God’s help…

A loving heart will:

  • value everyone with dignity and respect;
  • seek the happiness of others as well as their own
  • recognise and challenge inequalities and unfairness.

A strong mind will:

  • do what is right;
  • never give up;
  • always aim high.

Our Mission

Growing Ambitious and Empowered individuals through an Exceptional Curriculum, Compassionate Support and Catholic Community.

Gospel Values

At Holy Rosary the Gospel Values are very important to us, as they guide and teach us how to follow in the footsteps of Jesus. During our most recent Feast day, each class were encouraged to reflect on what they felt each value meant.

The values are displayed in every class. Children are encouraged to ‘Live out’ these values in school and at home. Two values are given particular emphasis each half term. These are explored within class liturgies and made reference to during RE teaching.

We hope that, in turn, learning and appreciating these Gospel values will help some of the older children in their RE, as well as their Catholic Life, to incorporate into their writing, helping them to make links and show an understanding of their beliefs.