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Remote Learning – Pupil Code of Conduct

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Holy Rosary Learning Hub

To find out how your child will continue to learn during the National Lockdown. You can find out the information you need by:

Reading our Remote Learning Policy.

– Go to the ‘Curriculum‘ section of the website and read the ‘Teaching and Learning Plan’ for your child’s age phase and the ‘Knowledge Organiser’ for their driver unit of work. This is a great starting point for keeping them on track and connected with their class. You could do this while you may be waiting for work from the class teacher.

National Lockdown

During the national lockdown, we will ensure that we remain in contact with our pupils and their families on a daily basis. We want your child to attend every teaching session to support their mental health and wellbeing by seeing their friends daily and so that they do not have gaps in their learning. If we don’t see your child at live sessions, your child’s class teacher will make contact via Class Dojo to offer support. If this happens twice, they will give you a call and talk through any problems you might be facing and to offer advice and guidance. If this happens three times, they will put in a ‘My Concern’ referral and this will be picked up by the DSL and/or DDSL. Support for your child and/or your family may then be discussed at our weekly Priority Pupil meeting.

On weekdays, your child should go to the ‘Holy Rosary Learning Hub’ (see the link below) and complete Numbots (KS1), Bug Club (KS1/LKS2), TT Rockstars, Century and Read Theory (KS2) and Spelling Shed, as well as complete all the lessons, assignments and tasks set by their class teacher.

A suggested timetable would be:


  • Register and wellbeing check (through Class Dojo or MS Teams)
  • Plan the day ahead
  • Complete 2-3 stem sentences from the Listening Hour (change ‘weekend’ for ‘yesterday’) –
  • Super Movers
  • Numbots/TT Rockstars


  • Maths Lesson and/or Task
  • Century (KS2)


  • English Vipers, Grammar and Punctuation or Writing Lesson and/or Task
  • Spelling Shed


  • Lesson and/or Assignment through MS Teams or Class Dojo
  • Reading for Pleasure/Bug Club (KS1/LKS2)
  • Read Theory (KS2)
  • Other set tasks.

The timetable and method of delivery may change depending on the age and phase of pupils, and some tasks may extend over more than one day.

We know that the challenges posed from home learning are significant and we want you to know that we are here to help and support you. There is no need to worry or stress about technological or academic issues that may arise. Just get in touch with your child’s teacher if you are having difficulties and they will help where they can.