Computer Science

The Computer Science curriculum at Holy Rosary is planned and sequenced to ensure that pupils learn substantive, disciplinary and procedural knowledge and core vocabulary securely and deeply.

The knowledge, skills and vocabulary is ‘over-learnt’ to ensure that they are retained in the long-term memory and so that pupils can use their learning with automaticity when asked to complete tasks on devices, which are set up to ensure that pupils can easily access the programmes they use.

Teachers use frequent low-stakes testing and formative assessment to measure pupil progress and to help identify the gaps that need addressing at pupil and whole class level, before moving on to new content.

The vision for Computer Science at Holy Rosary is that all pupils are accomplished computer scientists who are able to reason logically and solve complex problems with automaticity using a range of appropriately chosen devices and computer programmes.

In KS1 (and 2), pupils will have a secure knowledge of algorithms and sequencing, (selection and repetition). In KS2, pupils should rehearse programming and be able to use devices competently and confidently.

We aim to develop computer scientists who want to extend their learning outside the classroom by accessing the programmes and coding languages taught in class in their own time to improve both their real and virtual environment.