Geography is explicitly taught in one or two units per year, with some cross-curricular links in History and Science units at other parts of the year.

It is also taught throughout other foundation subjects where appropriate, especially within Writing and Reading units when the driver unit is Geography based.

This approach enables the development of pupils’ schema. Class maps are in each classroom showing the children not only a map of the world, but also where we and our families are from and people and places they have learned about, adding context to their knowledge and understanding of the world, as well as their Cultural Capital.

Within the Geography curriculum at Holy Rosary, children are to be both curious and fascinated about the world around them, the wider world and its people. This is to be through an understanding of locations and their features, and the human and physical geography of a place or area and how these aspects have shaped the lives of ourselves and others, comparing different places, and using a range of maps, atlases and globes, as well as a knowledge of compass directions.